Digital Spectrum & Video Analyzer

The VSE-1100 helps cable service providers maintain optimal network performance with video and spectrum analysis for fast and easy preventive maintenance and troubleshooting. Innovative upstream test modes speed troubleshooting to shorten mean time to repair. A tablet user interface and measurement engine simplify operation and remote test capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced, precision service and physical layer measurements in one instrument
  • Unobtrusive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Make invisible issues visible
  • Leverage Existing Technician Skills to Solve Complicated Problems
  • Access from Anywhere at Anytime
  • Outstanding Service and Support from JDSU

VSE-1100 is a digital spectrum and video analyzer, designed from the ground up and purpose-built to overcome HFC RF testing and troubleshooting challenges. In addition to time-saving applications and a remote tablet-based user interface, it has an innovative dual-port input that enables objective comparison for tracking noise and ingress issues.

Existing HFC test tools have not kept pace with the changing demands of continuously evolving technology. New test capabilities are needed in order to quickly and accurately assess network health from the headend to the customer and back, and to troubleshoot communication interference and plant degradation. Overcoming these challenges, VSE-1100 is purpose-built for HFC network headend and field maintenance and troubleshooting, with innovative features that reveal true customer-affecting issues and pinpoint problem sources.

New technologies that are driving the need for new test capabilities include the following:

  • CCAP – (Converged Cable Access Platform) systems are moving toward a more complete spectrum of carriers on single output and channel line-ups change on the fly
  • Crowded upstream spectrum – this means there is no empty spectrum available for out of band spectrum tests. Noise under QAM, min-hold and other traffic identifying techniques are not feasible because when multiple signals are time-shared and traffic is dense, the signal frequency is rarely unoccupied
  • Video on demand and video streaming – means there is even more content to be monitored, and stronger competition with more contenders increases the need to assure quality

Better problem isolation means fewer truck rolls and quicker resolution of problems that require dispatching a technician. With a powerful, truly portable measurement tool that includes both digital and analog spectrum and video analysis, the headend and the field can use the same instrument to verify the problem source and eliminate finger-pointing.