Smart-ID Advanced Coax Probes

  • Certifies in-home wiring for Triple-Play and MoCA services to avoid repeat visits.
  • Drastically reduces investigation time and repair associated with inside/in-home wiring.
  • Protects revenue by lowering risk of customers churn due to repeat fault finding or repairs.
  • Lowers OpEx by reducing repeat truck rolls.


  • Eliminate time-consuming guesswork, test entire home coax network in minutes
  • Add whole-home test capability much less than the price of a MoCA specific meter – economical testing scalability
  • No need to purchase a specialized meter – controlled with DSAM
  • Pre-qualify for future triple-play and MoCA service “self-installs” and eliminate repeat truck rolls


  • Quickly identify problematic network connections
  • Automatically maps coax network and provides distance to impairments
  • Indicates presence of splitters, filters, and amplifiers
  • Unexpected reflections and distances to potential faults are also shown
  • Test every outlet, full frequency range (5MHz to 1.625GHz)

Key Features

  • Extremely portable (5.5in x 2.75in x 1.25in)
  • Protocol agnostic, no CPE interaction required
  • Innovative results matrix provides instant quality assessment
  • Point to point verification between every SmartID
  • Distance can be displayed from both directions to improve location accuracy