Non-Louvered Pedestals

Charles Industries’ Non-Louvered Vertical Plastic Pedestals provide mounting facilities and security for taps, splitters and line extenders. Each pedestal comes equipped with your choice of either a galvanized or powder-coated mounting stake, as well as one of many optional brackets to provide you with greater installation flexibility. Each mounting stake is equipped with slotted holes and offers easy installation of your hardware and equipment. During installation, simply bury the pedestal base to the desired depth and backfill. The mounting stake and pedestal top-slide channel add to the security and craft friendliness of pedestal assembly operation. A variety of locking options are available to address your specific security needs.

Non-Louvered Vertical Pedestals have a rectangular design with rounded corners. These pedestals are molded from a polyethylene specifically designed to resist impact, ultraviolet and environmental degradation.