MDU Solutions – Indoor Deletion & Digital Insertion (DVIS)

The digital insertion solution is another recent addition to the MDU Solutions Audio/Video Deletion/Insertion product offering and is ideal for spectrum reclamation and/or MDUs provisioned with digital-only set-top boxes. It provides a means to cost-effectively insert locally generated MDU content (eg. security camera or localized advertising) in digital format (QAM) signal streams into the MDU network. This is a scalable wall mount solution for encoding up to 10 A/V programs and multiplexing them onto a QAM channel via its integrated agile QAM modulator/upconverter. An optional integrated QAM channel deletion filter allows for efficient and compact deletion/reinsertion functionality. Local/remote configuration access, as well as front access to all of the units’ features, allows for easy and comfortable product installation. The MDU hardened wall mount enclosure with lockable front door provides a rugged platform for harsh MDU environments.