A global multi-technology company making your next construction project safer, quicker and more cost effective.

Founded in 1970, Radiodetection has grown over the years into a successful international company. With its headquarters in Bristol, UK, worldwide sales, service and support are achieved through a network of sales channels right around the globe.

Utilities worldwide rely on Radiodetection Cable Avoidance Tools (C.A.Ts) to prevent accidental damage to underground services when excavating. Trenchless products enable pipe-laying companies to direct the drill and so speed installation of utilities. Radiodetection’s cable test products quickly locate problems such as breaks or deteriorating insulation. Down-hole inspection products from Radiodetection use the latest digital CCTV in difficult environments to enable water companies to perform regular inspection and maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing sewer and other pipes. A range of dehydrator products is available as a fixed installation in telephone exchanges maintaining cable health.