Generator Expansion Module (GEM)

  • Two convenient options
  • Quick and easy pole, ground or standalone installations for the portable AlphaGen™
  • Field installable to existing PWE-3/6 and UPE-3/6 enclosures
  • Provides 4 to 15 additional hours of runtime
  • Protects generator from weather and theft
  • Can be left in place or easily removed after an outage
  • Optional Line Transfer Switch (LTS)


The Generator Expansion Module (GEM) is an innovative way of extending system runtime for new and existing PWE and UPE enclosures. Attached directly to an installed Alpha Enclosure, the GEM houses an AlphaGen Portable Generator. The generator connects to the system’s power supply using a Line Transfer Switch (LTS) that automatically switches to generator power during outages, and returns to grid power when it is restored. Two GEM options allow the module to be installed on either the top or bottom of PWE-3/6 enclosures, as well as securely attach to the top of UPE-3/6 enclosures.