Frequently Asked Questions about the CPAT® Products

1. How long has Effigis been in the cable leakage/ingress detection business?
We have been offering cable leakage/ingress audit patrol services since 1995 and fully automated continuous leakage monitoring solution since 2005 to Canadian MSOs. Every member of our senior technical team averages 25 years of cable TV experience. Effigis started operations in 1991 and built its reputation on developing custom business solutions for a wide variety of customers requiring GPS/GIS technologies. Effigis is currently a technology solution provider to mainstream world-class GPS equipment manufacturers.

2. Does the CPAT® system rely on any third party software or hardware solutions to provide my leakage information reports and system CLI calculations?
No. Effigis has developed all of its hardware and software design in-house to prevent its CPAT® system from becoming technologically obsolescent. Effigis’ engineering department has extensive RF, Cable TV and GPS/GIS software and hardware design expertise. Effigis strongly believes that to properly control the design, operation and future development of its system, we must create a unique, complete and fully integrated solution from a hardware and software perspective.

3.What level of plant coverage can I expect from the CPAT® system?
Our continuous leakage patrol design calls for a minimum coverage of 75% of your HFC plant for any quarter in order to acquire significant patrol data results compliant with FCC’s leakage patrol regulatory requirements. Our skilled engineering team will evaluate the proper number of AFDDs needed to achieve any specific coverage objectives set by the cable operator.

4. Where is the CPAT® Web application server installed?
We offer 2 Web hosting installation options to operators:
Option 1-

Effigis Web Hosting: Outsourced service and the preferred option for customers who do not want to support and maintain additional servers at their premises. The CPAT® server is located at Effigis’ premises and operated/maintained by its IT staff. All required CPAT® server hardware, software and digital maps are included as part of Effigis’ Web hosting fees.
Option 2- MSO Web hosting option: Made available for customers requiring the CPAT® server to be located at their premises. In this scenario, the CPAT®® server hardware, software and digital maps are to be purchased by customer. server is locally supported by the operator’s IT staff. All required CPAT

5. Is there any training required to operate the CPAT® system?
There is no training required for the technicians, since the AFDD box installed in the vehicle operates automatically, without any intervention. We do offer free training for CPAT® application users.

6. Do I need any support staff to operate the CPAT® solution?
No support staff is required, since the CPAT® solution is fully automated. With CPAT®, there is no data storage device to manipulate. Leakage patrol results are available to users via our secure Web GIS server. You only need a PC/Web browser and secure access to our service to view results. The CPAT® database maintains a log of signal leakage sources detected and repaired for a minimum of two years as required by FCC regulations. Operators will only need to upload the annual FCC leakage filing requirements for reporting purposes.

7. Can CPAT® dispatch work orders to my technicians?
Yes. Work orders can be dispatched manually or automatically via a set of operator-defined rules (e-mail sent to technician or supervisor). CPAT® is can be used with leading workforce management applications to provide seamless integration into your current business operation.

8. I have co-located system plants operating on different authorized leakage frequencies and patrolled by a single service vehicle, how will CPAT® handle this situation?
Since the AFDD’s operating frequency is agile, it will tune itself instantly to the proper allocated leakage patrol frequency and tagging system while driving through the system plant with no intervention required from the technician.

9. Can CPAT® AVL locate my fleet vehicles in real-time mode?
Yes. An AFDD box equipped with a cell card will provide vehicle position every two minutes through our CPAT® application or to any CPAT® certified fleet management system.

10. How will CPAT® AVL locate my vehicles when there is no/poor GPS reception?
If AFDD box is equipped with our dead-reckoning option, we can still track vehicle position in harshest GPS reception environments (Skyscrapers, underground tunnels, metallic bridges, mountains, etc.)

11. Does any detachable cable leakage meter come with the CPAT® system?
No. Our design philosophy calls for a secure, non-distractive, no-intervention approach for the technician driving the service vehicle during his normal daily routine to avoid disruption of his work schedule. Since CPAT® proactively detects leakage events, Effigis believes that event repairs should be handled and dispatched automatically through the usual MSO trouble call procedures to ensure proper job priority.

12. What is the product warranty available for the CPAT® mobile units?
The CPAT® mobile units are subject to a one year parts and labor product warranty. An optional two years extended warranty is also available.