EdgeTrak CPE Test Agent

EdgeTrak is a JDSU proprietary signal analysis software agent built-into Broadcom-based CPE for qualification and troubleshooting of HFC network issues without interfering with customer service.

In a unique combination of Full-Band Capture Technology and JDSU test expertise, EdgeTrak enables unprecedented qualification and troubleshooting capabilities without interfering with customer service, including MER measurements for all downstream signals, and patented ingress under QAM signal analysis for detecting interference such as LTE and other off-air signals.


  • A revolutionary approach to delivering complete remote downstream visibility including quantifiable digital performance at the true network edge – the CPE
  • Achieve OPEX reduction goals by leveraging a fleet of remotely-accessible test probes instead of rolling trucks
  • Avoid throwaway truck rolls through improved tech dispatch accuracy – home vs plant segmentation
  • Increase customer satisfaction through reduced MTTR and fewer home service calls by remotely troubleshooting issues instead of visiting the customers home
  • Know which impairments are impacting customers’ service and fix them first


  • Remote HFC plant and service health measurement
  • Self-install qualification and support
  • Remote LTE/off-air ingress detection and localization
  • Proactive downstream health data trend analysis
  • Maintenance prioritization based on service impact

Key Features

  • MER measurements on all channels, without interfering with customer service
  • Ingress under QAM analysis
  • Seamless integration into existing data systems with accessibility via standard SNMP polling methods
  • Detect, localize, and quantify customer impact of downstream impairments