DVISn (Nano) Digital Insertion


  • The Nano is the most cost-effective solution within the DVIS line of products for inserting locally generated content (e.g. security camera, localized advertising) to an MDU in digital format (MPEG-2/QAM)
  • Ideal for applications requiring a low-cost, basic solution for insertion into a blank QAM or at the spectrum edge.
  • Extremely compact & wall mountable form factor fits into virtually any space.
  • Fully integrated audio/video encoders, multiplexer & QAM modulator/RF upconverter.
  • Available in 1 or 2 channel configurations (1 or 2 baseband CVBS inputs)
  • Features support MPEG-2 encoding.
  • HTTP based GUI allows for easy set-up control using a standard web browser.