CPAT FLEX Monitoring System

CPAT FLEX is an open, modular and scalable platform that will satisfy any operator’s monitoring requirements and provide flexible vehicle telecommunications configuration options.
CPAT FLEX helps broadband operators monitor leakage and ingress events automatically, and manage their vehicle fleet easily and efficiently.

Leakage monitoring

The CPAT FLEX solution is the most advanced GPS-based signal leakage monitoring system on the market. It has been designed to automatically detect, record and dispatch signal leakage events without any intervention from your field technicians. Just install the CPAT units onboard your service vehicles and let them do the job.

Ingress monitoring

The only GPS-based ingress monitoring system on the market, CPAT FLEX automatically detects, records and dispatches ingress events. It features a tight integration of advanced hardware, innovative software and a powerful web application. As a result, your service vehicles detect ingress impairments without interrupting your technician’s daily work routine.

Web-based server application

Through our web-based server application, the CPAT system provides a total picture of the operator’s HFC network RF integrity. The ability to proactively locate, dispatch and repair leakage and ingress events reduces your trouble tickets and truck rolls. The end result will be increased network reliability and greater customer satisfaction.

Automated vehicle location (AVL)

CPAT FLEX allows you to easily and efficiently manage your vehicle fleet. It includes a GPS-based vehicle tracking and management solution that will improve the efficiency of your mobile workforce. Our solution delivers real-time fleet operation information to your dispatch team, facilitating their decisions regarding mobile resources allocation and management.

The CPAT FLEX AVL system can operate with 3rd party workforce applications and allows you to:

  • track the real-time position of your fleet’s vehicles;
  • locate the nearest vehicle to a job location;
  • check vehicle status (driving, idling, stopped);
  • generate alerts for speeding, out-of-bound driving, off-hours driving;
  • view vehicle drive-out history (driven routes, speed information, incidents, etc.).