CPAT® DRV2 Portable Leakage Detector

The DRV2 is a frequency agile meter offering full flexibility when choosing your leakage monitoring frequency. Select any frequency in 1KHz tuning increments and store them as part of your 10 favorite frequency presets. You can adjust the operating frequency of the meter by using front panel buttons or through our DRV2 configuration software. With its frequency agility feature the DRV2 meter will provide you all the flexibility you need when operating in systems using different signal leakage monitoring frequencies or whenever you plan to re-assign these.


Detector type Digital receiver/demodulator
Frequency range Agile 118 to 155 MHz
Channel tuning Configurable via USB and by front panel buttons with 10 presets
Tuning resolution 1 kHz
Equivalent resolution bandwith ± 4 kHz
Level range 2 to 2,000 uV/m
Level Accuracy ± 1 dB
Tag detector AM [3 to 20 Hz] – FM [3 to 20 Hz]
Video detector Video sync detection [untagged video carriers]
Audible tone Yes, varies with leak intensity
Adjustable audio volume Yes, variable
RF level scale display Unique scale from 0 to 2,000 uV/m
Measurement units uV/m and dBuV/m
Power 3 Rechargeable AA NiMH cells, 2,500 mAh
Operation time 8 hours nominal
Communication port USB serial port
Dimensions 7 in x 3.4 in x 1.3 in [H x W x D]
Weight 14 ounces
Included DRV2 signal leakage detector
Rubber duck antenna
User’s manual
12 V vehicle power cable
120 V AC charger